Gorki Glaser-Müller is currently experimenting with VR, MR, 360 film and volumetric recordings. Gorki has previously collaborated with GöteborgsOperan with a VR-experience of the dance performance Skid. He is also the project manager of Narrative VR Lab at Visual Arena in Gothenburg.

Gorki is currently working with the piece Café Glaser-Müller, a homage to the legendary piece "Café Müller", originally presented by Pina Bausch in 1978. The piece is supported by Kulturbryggan.

He's also working with the piece Beauty vs. Pain, a volumetric short documentary about dancer's secret conflict between the beauty in what they create and the pain they have to push through. 


Göteborgs-Posten (2019-23-01) 

ADASweden (2019-02-04)

Work in progress: