- Still from the working process of Children of the Enemy


Gorki Glaser-Müller is a freelance film director based in Gothenburg. Gorki came to Sweden from Chile as a thirteen year old and has a background as a professional actor. Ever since he finished Academy of Valand in Gothenburg he's been experimenting with story telling in different forms. 

Gorki is the winner of the Malik Fund Grant in 2019 for his work with the documentary 
Children of the Enemy. The documentary tells the the dramatic story of the Swedish-Chilean grandfather Patricio Galvez's struggle to bring home his grandchildren from the refugee camp al-Hol, Syria. 

Other than the documentary, Gorki experiments with VR, MR, 360 film and volumetric recordings, now with the piece Inflykt supported by Kulturbryggan.

Contact: gorkiglasermuller@gmail.com